Group workshops are also available for employee training meetings. Group training sessions can be catered to a specific area of need or can provide an overall business boost

Give your Brain the Spark: Finding New and Creative Solutions to Unique Problems

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to produce an endless stream of great ideas and innovative solutions by simply having FUN?  This brainstorming workshop will teach you how to become a creative source of ideas and a sought after resource in business, at home, or in any other arena where you work or play.  This brainstorming method is simple, it’s fun, and it can be done anywhere, whether you have five minutes or five hours to brainstorm. This workshop is always adaptable to specific industries or purposes.

Give your Business the Spark: Goal Setting Workshop

Using the S.P.A.R.K. method, Stephanie will teach you the five important areas of Goal Identification: Self, Purpose, Audience, Resources, and Kindling the Fire.  Working through this business planning strategy will help you take your goal from development to implementation.  Once learned, this method can be applied to new goals and purposes, giving your company a framework for success.



Need a training session brought to a smaller group of people or customized to your specific business?  Webinars are a great way to bring a customized topic to your group and stay within a limited budget.


Corporate Training Videos:

Stephanie can help with corporate training videos in a variety of ways, including complete video production, training content development, or video spokeperson ( presenting your script/training topics).


Business strategy planning:

Stephanie is also available for one-on-one business coaching/ consulting. In this setting, you and your leadership team can benefit from a more personalized approach that combines educational training with business consultation/assessment.  Like group workshops, private coaching sessions can also be tailored to a specific area of need or can provide a more global benefit to your business.

Stephanie Barney Available to Speak at Your Event

Stephanie Barney Speaking Agreement


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“I recently saw Ms. Barney speak at the Service World Expo in Las Vegas. I was very impressed with Stephanie and her presentation.  She was a very dynamic and informative speaker who kept my attention the entire time.  She was able to deliver very practical and smart advice in a way that was fun and engaging and I hope to have the opportunity to see her at more events in the future”   James Barras, Owner/A Professional Heating and Cooling, Hammond, LA




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